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April 9th, 2008

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08:21 am - I am a huge fan!!

Internationally Acclaimed Poet Andrea Gibson To Release New Book on Write Bloody Publishing.
Hometown release in early May. Reading and Performance tour to follow in Fall 2008.
(Boulder, Co) Politically charged poet and activist Andrea Gibson will release her new book of poetry, Pole Dancing To Gospel Hymns, July 1st on Write Bloody Publishing. A hometown Book Release Show will happen in Boulder on May 2. A book reading and performance tour of the major U.S. markets will follow in the Fall.
With Pole Dancing To Gospel Hymns, Gibson, who has been rousing audiences internationally with her poignant message and genuine interest in generating change, has created a work that HBO Def Poet Carlos Andrés Gómez has called both deeply haunting and profoundly inspiring.
“Her words cut so sharply and completely they cannot be shaken. To call her one of the best poets would be a gross understatement.”
Hauntingly vivid, the poems in Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns contain an unforgettable internal voice that are rich with the kind of questioning that inspire action. Gibson’s work deconstructs the foundations of the current political machine with reality-shattering honesty and stunning spirituality. She highlights such issues as patriarchy, gender norms, and capitalist culture.
In the words of award-winning author Buddy Wakefield, “Whatever the opposite of fooling someone is, Andrea Gibson does that.”
Pole Dancing To Gospel Hymns is Andrea’s first release since 2006’s CD, When the Bough Breaks.
This is Gibson’s first full-length book, her previous 3 releases have been full-length CDs. “I was actually in the early stages of recording a new record when I decided I wanted to go in the direction of a book. It feels like a great way to reach people who wouldn’t necessarily be inclined to sit down and listen to a spoken word album.” It’s also a way for Gibson to experiment in her writing thus not entirely focusing on writing pieces for the stage. “In a way, it gave me the opportunity to look at the poems in an entirely new light, to experiment with form in a way I never had before. My favorite poems in the book are the shorter poems, the ones that are only a few lines long. This is the only place they’ve lived. It wouldn’t work to put a 10 second poem on a CD or on stage. So I like that they have a home now.”
Write Bloody Publishing, who is releasing the book is thrilled to add Andrea to its existing roster of performance-savvy poets.
President Derrick Brown adds, “We are so excited that our first release by a female author is Andrea. She is one of the stellar human beings on the planet. She can cleanly pound all cynicism into submission with amazing lines of poetry that roar from her rad, queer gut.”

Gibson has placed in the top four of five international finals stages in the last 5 years and was the first ever champion at the Women of the World Slam in March 2008. As a touring artist Gibson has headlined everywhere from the illustrious Nuyorican Poet’s Café, Music and Arts Festivals nationwide and Universities throughout the U.S. and Europe.
Pole Dancing To Gospel Hymns

ISBN: 9780981521305
92 pages

want to know more?  go here:  http://www.andreagibson.org/home/home.html

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